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Ghost #1 + Kings Watch #3 + The Green Hornet #8 Reviewed

Ghost #1
Why is this number as 1, it is actually issue 5. The Ghost is back, again. She goes around the city killing demons and becoming an urban legend. A serial killer is on the loose, the gang don’t know why the Mayor summoned all the demons in the first place and the Ghost makes an ill-advised deal to find out. This was okay.

Best Line:
“Blogging isn’t a job, Tommy. It’s what you do when you’re supposed to be working.”

Kings Watch #3
The Cobra opens a doorway to let Ming the Merciless into our world. Mandrake has an estranged wife who is working for the Cobra. The gang fail and Ming invades. This was okay; sadly it was nowhere near as good as issues 1&2.

Best Lines:
“Some other would-be Defender of the Earth.”

“Looks like they brought a whole battalion -- let’s use them as our landing strip!”

The Green Hornet #8
The Green Hornet carries on his jackboot tendencies toward crime fighting. A fake Green Hornet plumbs new depths by bullying homeless kids into stealing. The Hornet and Kato take retaliatory measures on the totally obnoxious bullies. This was okay.

Best Line:
“Don’t say his name! He hears, it, he might come in.”
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