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Book Review: Ill Wind

Weather Warden Book One: Ill Wind by Rachel Caine

This is a good, interesting start to a series, it's good with an intriguing
set-up and hints of story arcs to come but the token love interest drags the
story down.

Joanne is a weather warden, magically endowed with the gift of controlling the weather. Her job is to protect people from nature's raging fury. But currently she's on the run accused of murder. How she gets herself out of that pickle is the main thrust of the book. The rest of the book sets up the love interest, the weather warden hierarchy, the magic system and the story arc of demons, djinns and more.

It's good but the villain is no real revelation and I honestly can't see how the author got six more books out of the saga after the ending to this one. Still, recommended.
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