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Elementary 2x09 Reviewed

On The Line
Holmes carries on with his abnormal irritant behaviour as he tries to bring a suspected serial killer to justice. Lucas the weirdo suspected serial killer lurks. Gregson ignores the fact that the cops hate Holmes and Watson. Holmes is a jerk, Watson tells him not to be. Holmes plots to bring Lucas down. Gregson tells the cops to like Holmes and Watson or else. Holmes tells Watson he won’t be nice and gives a creepy abuse justifying speech. This was okay but why does Watson stay with that jerk?

Best Lines:
“You think he built a bomb out of icing?”

“Walls are a bit thin, they’d never hold back out bloodcurdling screams but we call it home.”

“Did you come here tonight hoping to scare us or are you just being a good predator?”

“He was gloating.”
“That is what he does.”

“Your wallet. Lifted from your purse on the way home even as you stared daggers at me from three feet away.”

“I was trying to avoid a sotto voce discussion of a criminal conspiracy in the backseat of a taxi.”

“I’m accusing you of serial murder.”
“Oh, again?”

“My capacity for niceness.”

“I am not a nice man.”
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