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‘The Amazing Spiderman 2’ trailer
Another version with more ‘comedy’ showing what an arrogant jerk Peter is and what a moron Gwen is. Rhino and the Green Goblin lurk. Spiderman catches a car and this looks crappy.

Best Lines:
“Yo sparkles!”

“I was cleaning the chimney.”
“We have no chimney.”

“We have plans for you Peter.”

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’ trailer
I haven’t seen ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’ but this is set either 4 or 10 years later. There’s no James Franco. Humans are dying out and the apes are taking over. This looks creepy, dark and intense.

Best Line:
“To reclaim the world we lost.”

‘Arrow’ 2x10 promo
Well that looks bland.

‘Dracula’ 1x09 promo
Looks interesting.

I love Sea Salt Chocolate.
I like Spiced Winter Red Tea and Mango Aloe Vera.

I read in the paper that Heather Mills is piste off.

There won’t be a review of ‘Banshee’ 1x03 ‘Meet The New Boss’.

The 2013 film ‘A Field In England’ was utter crap.

Reviews of ‘The Shadow Tracer’, ‘The Ravenglass Eye’, ‘Hollow’, ’Protectors’, ’Indexing’, ’Shadows of Falling Night’, ’The Apparition’, ’Excision’, ’The Different Girl’ and ’Iron Night’ forthcoming.

‘A Moody Christmas’ Quotes:
“It’s just until I find a new place. Or I kill myself. Whichever comes first.”

“He’s our crazy uncle in jail. He’s out on day release for Christmas.”

“Water under the bridge mate.”
“Good to hear, great. Glad to hear it.”
“Lots and lots of water.”

“This is so like an episode of ‘Neighbours’.

“This place is a joke. I’m going to go find somebody to sue.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’, Sienna tried to make out with Dodger, stole Darren’s children, tried to gas them and herself and gave Nancy brain damage. As a result she has been sectioned. Maxine tries to comfort Patrick over this and he rips out a clump of her hair and dumps her on the ground in response. Sienna had a baby when she was 13 named Sophie. Patrick says Sophie died but she didn’t. Where is Sophie? Who is Sophie’s father? There are enough ugly hints that Patrick fathered Sophie, which explains a lot about Sienna.

Darren is comforted by Sandy. Ste still will just not OD and die in bed. Dodger and Darren’s friendship is over, they were friends? Phoebe learns Robbie lied about being molested by his uncle. Robbie menaces Finn. Ste buys Peri tart clothes to Sam’s horror. Patrick threatens Maxine in public, how has nobody noticed that Maxine is being abused?

Finn and Robbie plot against John-Paul. Dodger visits Sienna in the nuthouse, he won’t visit Will though. Ste has got over Doug being dead. Robbie and Finn humiliate John-Paul. Sam brands John-Paul a sex pest. Frankie is awful and threatens to evict Ruby. Frankie wouldn’t evict Ruby for bullying Esther to a suicide attempt that destroyed her liver requiring a transplant but she will evict Ruby for being upset that Frankie slept with Ruby’s boyfriend?!?! Frankie is awful.

Carmel is miserable. Danny is awful. Robbie and Finn are vile bullies; Hollyoaks High has learnt nothing from what happened to Esther. Kathleen Angel speaks. Carmel is infertile and she blames the STD incubator Theresa. From the look on Carmel’s face, she has begun to draw up plans against the walking STD Theresa. She could just call the cops and tell them that Theresa killed Carmel’s husband Calvin.

Ste and John-Paul fight in the street. Insults are thrown (Craig walking out, Brendan being a beater, Doug dying, JP having it off with a priest, Ste claming his daughter had cancer) and a fist fight erupts. Ste is a git and proclaims his love for Brendan and how he likes living in the Lomax house as it is Brendan’s old house. Doug is dead you chav! John-Paul continues his abysmal taste in men by making out with Ste. Oh knock it off TPTB. John-Paul has acquired a bad reputation, which will make the coming events of 2014 worse. Theresa’s exit looms closer. And Ruby seems to be on the way out too as she bonds with Trevor over cocaine. Where is Craig? How could he abandon John-Paul after their sunset ending?

Best Lines:
“Mummy loves you! Never forget that!”

“You’ve been sectioned.”
“Sectioned? Why?”

“It’s your sister that should be sorry.”

“You messed her up.”

“You’re afraid to go aren’t you?”
“Wouldn’t you be if half your family had been sectioned?”

“Will deserves to die alone in that place.”

“You’re really holding out for that husband of the year award aren’t you?”

“It’s a very depressing vegetable, the sprout.”

“Some psycho caved me head in last time I was here.”

“Looking smart. What is it, court appearance?”

“You’re just someone they can’t get rid of. You know, like herpes.”
“How does it feel, eh, to be my dad’s little rent boy?”

“50 quid says deli boy kicks Grange Hill’s backside!”

“Step into my grotto.”

“Wearing chinos and selling smoothies.”
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