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Arrow 2x09 Reviewed

Three Ghosts
Barry Allen medicates Oliver with rat poison (I will not watch Barry Allen's spinoff, he just annoys me). Felicity snots. Sin, Thea and Roy hang out. Oliver sees three ghosts who may or may not have been real. Laurel is being romanced by Sebastian Blood. Cyrus Gold kills people.

Flashbacks show how Ivo killed Shado. Poor Shado and how Slade came back to life after the injection. The island was an unforgiving place and Oliver really screws over his friends: Shado, Shado’s dad, Slade, Tommy, Sara etc etc.

Quentin nearly dies because of Oliver as does Roy. Tommy’s ghost shows up to tell Oliver what a hero he is. Barry Allen becomes The Flash - I really could care less. Oliver gets a mask, it looks good. Sebastian Blood turns out to be a minion for the real big bad: Slade. Oh Oliver, what did you do to Slade? Why does Slade have an eye patch? This was troubling but good. What has the serum done to Roy? How do Slade and Blood fit in with Malcolm? Is Tommy dead? Why was Oliver seeing ghosts? Why was Laurel just strolling around the Queen Manor without Moira punching her in her funbags in a bitch brawl?

Best Lines:
“My anger’s dulling the pain.”

“You freaking psychopath!”

“The police are eager to meet you. Introduce yourself.”

“This charade is to atone for your sins.”

“You are not a hero or a friend...do not turn your back on me, not again.”

“You’ll kill for me.”
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