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Battlestar Galactica Season 4 ep review: No Exit

After Tigh murdered her, Ellen resurrected and recalled who and what she truly was. She is tormented by Cavil, who she created. It seems Cavil knew who the Final Five were all along, he just didn't tell anybody. The idiot Boomer shows up and rescues Ellen, or does she? Meanwhile getting a bullet in the brain prompts Anders to remember the Final Five's history. Like the fact they created resurrection and ended the first cylon war and created the skinjobs including the sabotaged Seven model Daniel. Anyway Starbuck screws up yet again when she has Anders undergo brain surgery. Anders is left brain-dead. Meanwhile Tigh bonds with Six and Tyrol reveals that Galactica is riven with stress fractures and the only way to fix it is using cylon tech. Nobody misses Gaeta or really dwells on the mutiny. This was a goodish ep even if the whole Cavil plot made no sense and a lot of stuff seems to just be set up for future epsiodes. Poor Anders.

Best Line:
"Her bones are rotten."
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