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Book Review: Halloween, part 1

Halloween: Magic, Mystery and the Macabre edited by Paula Guran
From the editor of ‘New Cthulhu’, ‘Witches’ and ‘Once Upon A Time’ comes this collection of Halloween tales.

A tale of a small town, a creepy movie theatre and a ritual. This was good and creepy.

The Mummy’s Heart
By Norman Partridge. A small town madman sets in motion a chain of events that has long repercussions. This was good.

Best Line:
“He was just a thing that had lain in a leaking plywood box for ten long years.”

Unternehmen Werwolf
By Carrie Vaughn. The Nazis uses werewolves in WWII. This was okay.

Lesser Fires
A girl meets a ghost and it is her. Okay.

Long Way Home
This is a sequel to a book trilogy. A man returns to his devastated home town and finds something. Okay.
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