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Dracula 1x07 Reviewed

Servant To Two Masters
Dracula has pathological behaviour and an inability to control his impulses. His blood craving is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Van Helsing speaks in a way that’s inappropriate. Harker has challenging, difficult behaviour. Lucy can do no right and fails to climb the fear ladder. Mina is relentlessly bleak and boring and she wears a silly bicycling outfit. Grayson wants a painting that was sacked from his father’s castle. It is of his dead wife and it is stolen. Grayson daywalks some more. Jane manipulates Lucy’s indiscretion. Grayson’s bid for respectability fails. Mina as ever looks styled by the Amish. The shunned Lucy revenge flirts with Harker. As for the goob Harker the Order of the Dragon makes a recruitment pitch offering power. This was ugh. Why is this show so boring?

Best Lines:
“Vigorously seeing to her.”

“I’ll expose you.”
“Expose what?”

“I know her type very well.”

“You wear your inexperience like a cheap rogue.”

“I will kill you for it.”
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