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'Torchwood' Children of Earth trailer
After the mostly lacklustre season 2, this ad makes season 3 look like 'Torchwood' proper. Guns, explosions, aliens, menace, nasty people and Jack being moody and having secrets. I am looking forward to this.

'Babylon Fields' clip
Oh the promise shown in this clip. A drama about the dead returning as intelligent zombies and the fallout from that. The pilot ep was never broadcast and the show was never made. This looks good, what could have been.

'Twin Peaks' opening credits
The beautiful music and the normal yet somehow spooky rural images made these credits famous. What is amazing nowadays is that the credits are so long.

'One Tree Hill' season 5 Ep 13 clip
Okay so it's a strangely addictive teen soap, yet the sight of Nathan and Lucas finally getting to beat up their lunatic father Dan after enduring years of his controlling behaviour, emotional and physical abuse, abandonment, neglect and murderous scheming somehow wasn't as satisfying as it should be.

'Hercules: The Legendary Journeys' bloopers
The highlight of this was hearing the real New Zealand accents of Michael Hurst (Iolaus) and the late Kevin Smith (Ares). The difference is amazing.
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