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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘The Conspiracy’ trailer
This horror looks good.

‘Jupiter Ascending’ trailer
The Wachowskis latest stars Sean Bean, Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis. This space soap looks crap.

I really am looking forward to Ti West's 'The Sacrament'.

Reviews of ‘Moonfleet’, ‘Paranormal Activity 2’, ‘Bridesmaids’, ‘Machete’, ‘The Eagle Has Landed’ and ‘The Thirteenth Tale’ forthcoming.

After Dinner Mint yogurt = odd.
Apple, Pineapple and Kiwi juice smoothie = okay.

‘Fragment’ Quotes:
“They mate in the womb.”
“Now, that ain’t right.”

“Australia was isolated 70 million years ago, and look how weird kangaroos and platypuses are. Life on Henders Island has been isolated ten times that long. For all practical purposes, it might as well be an alien planet.”

‘The Simpsons’ Quotes:
“Come to kitchen and see picture of my dead wife.”

“Did my voice go all evil?”

“Daddy says I was a accident.”

“I gotta learn my mom’s stripper music by midnight.”

“Did you pass?”
“More or less.”

‘Body of Proof’ Quotes:
“Remind me to never investigate a plague again.”

“Why is she still talking?”

‘Revolution’ Quotes:
“They have dogs. Where the hell they get dogs?”

“Come pray with me boy.”

“He let you get shipped off to that re-education centre. He didn’t try to stop it. He didn’t say a word.”

“You’re not feeling deprogrammed are you? Not completely.”

“She must give it to you good and sweet.”

“You knew how they would react.”

‘Strange Stars & Alien Shadows’ Quotes:
“Even the Black Death couldn’t save us from what crawled out.”

“Losing interest in anything outside the unspeakable noise he called music and pack of incipient criminals he ran with.”

“The scavenger bats of Celaero were most efficient.”

‘Father Ted’ Quotes:
“Once we mitched off to see a Dana concert.”

“He’s not mad.”
“Why’s he in that home then?”
“He’s in that home because, because of those fires.”
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