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The Invisible Man (1975) 1x10 - 1x13 Reviewed

Sight Unseen
A mob witness is coerced against testifying when his blind fun loving daughter who can’t act is kidnapped. The witness’ will to cooperate is eroded by this act. The Westin’s coo over a portable computer terminal. Dan’s invisibility was not a grenade thrown into his life, challenging and changing everything - it’s a lark.

Dan takes on villains who couldn’t scare flies off road kill. The blind girl is an idiot. Dour Daniel wears a hideous plaid jacket. The blind girl’s idiot father is as big an idiot as his spawn. Don’t the Westin’s and their boss have real jobs? The plot is resolved in idiot fashion. This was awful.

Best Lines:
“The only thing they understand is a gun.”

“They‘ve got my daddy!”

Power Play
This was supposed to be the best episode of the show’s limited run. It isn’t. Dan asks what would happen if he found a cure. Before he can get a real answer a no-name guest star shows up to annoy. Pike somehow breaks into Klae and yells that he wants the Klae Resource. He will control, coerce and intimidate to get it.

Carlson bores. Dan’s friend Dr Nick is mentioned for the first time since 1x01. Pike sees clips of Dan in action. Are we supposed to believe that Carlson films Dan? Pike explains he was Morgan Klae’s roommate in the loony bin. Carlson lies a lot. Dan is shot again. Nobody thinks to just jump Pike en masse. Somehow the events of 1x01 were filmed. Pike annoys until the annoying ending. This ep just annoyed.

Best Lines:
“I might hurt you, permanently.”

“You’ll be sorry and dead.”

“How could a man become invisible?”
“It’s not easy.”

“I pick up a hollow sound when people lie to me.”

“He’s insane.”
“You noticed.”

“You did blow up another pair of laser machines.”

An Attempt To Save Face
More no name guest stars in ugly plaid jackets lurk. The Chairman of the Eastern-Bloc Alliance is in a US hospital asking Dr Nick for a facelift. Dr Nick is back but is it the same actor? Carlson blathers about something known as a teletype. Huge ties and ugly haircuts are sported - this cultural object is not for mass consumption. Nick agrees to do the facelift after making some political statements. The Chairman’s strident physician looms perceiving slights everywhere. Kate makes inappropriate jokes. This reminds me of a ‘Mission Impossible 88’ episode. Dermaplex is mentioned, traitor bodyguards plot murder, there is a homage (badly done) to the 1930’s ‘Invisible Man’ and ‘comedy’ with an electric wheelchair. The SFX is really bad, Dan gets high, there is idiot carry on and the show just ends. This was silly. There is no cure, no resolution, nothing. It just ends. This show disappointed.

Best Lines:
“Even your shadow is world famous.”

“I might end up with a free trip to Eastern Europe.”

“Right job, wrong side.”
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