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Trailers, Quotes and Discworld

‘Arrow’ 2x09
Oliver sports a mask. Slade growls.

Best Line:
“You’re not a hero.”

Milk Chocolate Dessert Sauce = a guilty pleasure.
Pumpkin Pie = yum.

Made Nigella Lawson brownies - don’t know how they are yet.

‘The Following’ deleted scene Quotes:
“You’ve got to not do that.”

“A lot tired.”

Good ‘Discworld’ novels:
Mort (Death takes an apprentice)
Wyrd Sisters (the Scottish Play is enacted in the Ramptop Mountains)

Best Lines:
“I didn’t become a soldier for this. Not to go round killing people.”

“She could feel the future looking at her. She didn’t like its expression at all.”

“Falling down a flight of steps with a dagger in your back was a disease caused by unwise opening of the mouth.”

“He was a cook in the real feudal tradition. If it didn’t have an apple in its mouth and you couldn’t roast it, he didn’t want to serve it.”

“You are not entirely an idiot, are you,”

Pyramids (never sequelised)
Guards! Guards! (Vimes debuts)
Moving Pictures (never sequelised)
Witches Abroad (an evil fairy godmother causes problems)
Lords and Ladies (elves are bad, m’kay)
Men At Arms (Vimes returns)
Soul Music (the Disc is invaded by music with rocks in it)
Maskerade (The Phantom of the Opera)
Feet Of Clay
Hogfather (the Disc does Christmas)
The Last Continent (the wizards visit the Disc’s version of Australia)
Carpe Jugulum (vampires)
The Fifth Elephant
Night Watch
Monstrous Regiment
Going Postal (Moist debuts)
Making Money (Moist returns)
Unseen Academicals (football and goblins)
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