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The Blacklist 1x10 + Dracula 1x06 + Nikita 3x19 Reviewed

Anslo Garrick (no 16) - Conclusion
Raymond does more grandstanding. The FBI finally asks how Garrick found the blacksite. There are gunfights, Cooper bores, Garrick carries off Raymond, the FBI stand around sneering and talking about a mole and Tom worries. Garrick drools and yaps, Liz discovers the surveillance on her home, Cooper is an idiot and Raymond comes face to face with Garrick’s boss (Alan Alda) and there is talk of something Raymond has and a big bad group that Alda represents. Ressler isn’t dead, Raymond runs, the taskforce is repurposed, Liz asks a question and is this show being retooled? This was not good.

Best Lines:
“There’s enough blood on the floor.”

“I once saw him kill a Somali with a wire hanger.”

“Follow that ambulance!”

“Careful with your husband.”

“Are you my father?”

Of Monsters and Men
The Order of the Dragon still suspect Grayson is a vampire. Harker sniffs, Lucy sulks and Jane befriends Lucy. This show is neither incredibly bleak nor scary. Harker and Mina get it on, not very Victorian are they? Dracula is looking for a painting, plays poker and manages to attend a noon stockholders meeting. The blubbering Mina sneaks and snoops, Jane plays poor Lucy and the ferrety looking Harker learns he fell for careless words. The characters and situations aren’t pared down; they’re just not built up. Dracula has an agenda and Lucy faces Mina’s unexpected chilliness. This wasn’t that good.

Best Lines:
“You have a gift for making London seem small.”

“Busy trying to explain to his mummy and daddy how he lost his business in a card game.”

“I wish to cure death.”

“She would have flogged it out of me if she could.”

Broken Home
Directed by the man who gave us ‘Saturday Night Fever’. Amanda and Nikita continue their idiot Heidi/Lauren drama. Owen bores. Amanda torments Nikita by revealing her childhood trauma. Nikita learns of twin sisters Amanda and Helen and their socially maladroit father with something rotten in the basement.

Meanwhile Alex shows off annoying mannerisms and bad acting. There are endless fights. Amanda’s tale of her foundation years has a twist and Sean keels over dead. Seeing as TPTB treated him like wallpaper all season I wasn’t surprised. This was mediocre.

Best Lines:
“The government’s never going to let 300 former convicts turned assassins just disappear.”

“Send goons.”

“Go trigger it.”

“This place has gone all ‘Crimson Tide’.”

“You will be responsible for the consequences that follow.”

“You slaughtered your family.”
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