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Book Reviews: Burnt Island + Defiant

Burnt Island by Alice Thompson
A literary ‘horror’ about literary ambition. Max a struggling writer arrives on Burnt Island to work on his new novel and meets bestselling author James. Soon Max is having horrible suspicions about James and Burnt Island. This is not depressingly pertinent, it is maudlin and repetitive. This is a tepid stinker that rots from the inside.

Kris Longknife: Defender by Mike Shepherd
This once enjoyable sci-fi soap has gone completely to crap. This novel starts deteriorating quickly from page 1 as Kris goes on vacation on alien world. Her chaste and staid relationship with the mean, dishonest and charmless Jack drags on. There is annoying Longknife family drama. The new alien threat bores, the ‘implacable foe’ is neither. This series has lost its way due to childish writing, tired plots and pages upon pages of Kris giving her precious flower to Jack.

Best Line:
“My crew needs more training. They’re the dregs of the brigs.”
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