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Book Reviews: The Crimson Shadow + The Next Accident

Star Trek The Fall: The Crimson Shadow by Una McCormack
The 2nd book of ‘The Fall’ saga sees Garak working as part of the reconstruction of Cardassia. But the assassination of the Federation President and the malevolent forces at work on Cardassia threaten to destabilise everything that has been achieved since the end of the Dominion War. Garak and others work to save their planet as an inept Picard stands around being ineffective. This was very good and a wonderful exploration of Garak’s terrible notion of duty.

Best Lines:
“They built that part of town from rubbish, and rubbish moved in.”

“The Federation might not like what replaces me.”

“I haven’t murdered anyone in a long time.”

“Who are my friends in this?”

The Next Accident by Lisa Gardner
FBI Agent Pierce Quincy and ex-cop Rainie Connor hunt a twisted psychopath stalking the Quincy family in this 2002 novel. This is a tiresome ‘thriller’ with people acting like idiots and jackasses for plot convenient reasons. The ridiculous villain has dreamt up an overly complicated murder plan and this was ridiculous.

Best Lines:
“Drunk, hit a man, a dog, and a telephone pole. End of story.”

“Disposable blondes, Ms. Conner. Beautiful women who exist simply for the deranged killer to savage first.”

“He won’t be a stranger to you.”

“Lord have mercy, because I cannot.”
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