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Movie Review: Carnage

Carnage (2011)
This Roman Polanski film stars Jodie Foster, Kate Winslet, Christoph Waltz and John C. Reilly as a quartet of smug New Yorkers whose children got into a playground fight. This leads to the parents acting like idiots. This is a savage indictment of smug idiots. Penelope (Foster) is a sickly sweet chirping prancing PC twit. Her not so cuddly husband (Reilly of ‘Step Brothers‘) is cartoonishy awkward and angry. This was ghastly empty pap full of meaningless banter that isn’t richly comic. It’s just cringe comedy about grown up delinquents.

Cranky old crow Penelope is a source of constant low-level irritation. The other mother is less annoying though she does start yelling and puking as the devil woman Penelope won’t stop babbling. This film may be about strangely enabling marriages or a contagion theory of aggression. Who knows? There is jealously, social tension, social overload, isolation, depression, chilly distances, hidden unhappiness, judicious truthfulness, menacing ignorance and Waltz’s accent slips. This was utterly eh, which may be symptomatic of a wider malaise.

Best Lines:
“Honour requires a social context.”

“You are a writer, you wrote a book.”

“Did you mess him up?”
“A little.”

“This is getting silly.”

“No-one chewed his ear off.”

“Watch it Penelope! Watch it! I’ve kept my shirt on up til now, but you are pushing me over the line.”

“My wife dressed me up as a liberal.”

“Don’t you have to go?”

“Life is synonymous with mediocrity.”

“I sprayed like a mad woman.”

“Children such the life out of you and leave you old and empty.”

“I’ve never been so unhappy.”

“Do as you’re told! I love you!”

“Why don’t you stand up for me?”

“I feel like being openly despicable!”

“You will be ashamed!”

“Why are we still in this house?”
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