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Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 8 #22 review


Kennedy goes to Japan to check up on Satsu. Kennedy obviously does not know what low profile means as she parachutes in hefting a huge gun. Then again Satsu isn't low-profile either as she has a stolen submarine. Kennedy and Satsu uncover Twilight's latest plan to destroy the slayer army. They take care of it but Harmony now a vampire rights spokeswoman uses their attack to her advantage.

The theme of season 8 seems to be that Buffy is thankless, rude and incompetent. She alienated Faith and Giles, robbed a bank, isn't going on the offensive against Twilight and Harmony, lets Andrew recruit slayers, left Dracula running around killing people, screwed up the Tokyo mission and let Harmony have a hit reality show.

Are the writers ever going to address those issues? Also why was the word ovaries used so much in this issue? Leaving all that aside, this was an okay issue.

Best Line:
"Twilight just tried to murder us all with an army of stuffed animals"
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