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‘Cleopatra 2525’ opening credits
This dimwit show had a brilliantly cheesy theme song.

Reviews of ‘Sherlock’ series 3 forthcoming.

I am reading ‘The Crimson Shadow’.

Did some work on LJ tags.

I like Madagascar vanilla yogurt.
Mince pies = nice.
I like Butter Fudge and Liquid Salted Caramels.

‘The Crimson Shadow’ Quotes:
“There is no need to pay now. We can come and collect later. We know where you live.”

“One had to get on with someone with whom one was stuck in a cellar, otherwise one would simply murder him.”

“How we live with the consequences of the fire he brought down upon us.”

‘Young Justice’ Quotes:
“Oh that is not a good sign.”

“Wasn’t quite prepared for that was she?”

‘The Simpsons’ Quotes:
“Why are your friends such drunks?”

“We sleep in washtubs and coffins.”

“Need I remind you of the bingo riot last summer?”

“I threw it out the window during my post show hissy fit.”

“I stand by my wedding toast.”

“Good daddy. No yell. Bad daddy. Smell like beer.”

“It’s not cheating if you don’t know the person well.”

“Then be quiet like a cabbage.”

“Taser that flamingo!”

“Why do we watch this show?”
“Because I like the costumes!”

“I lost my cleaning stick in my belly fat.”

“That exists? Oh boy.”

‘Flowers in the Attic’ (book) Quote:
“I don’t know how to do anything. I can’t even type.”

‘Glee’ Quote:
“That is a lawsuit, mister! I will sue your ass!”
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