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The Blacklist 1x09 + Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D 1x09 + Nikita 3x17 Reviewed

Anslo Garrick (no 16)
Raymond does his usual smug annoying mocking and then a bad man on the list breaks into the blacksite. The bad man, Anslo Garrick, wants to capture Raymond and kill him. The FBI are made to look stupid, Keen gets her ‘Die Hard’ on and Ressler is shot and appears to be dying.

Raymond drags Ressler into the box and gives him first aid. Garrick yaps and drools and Raymond jokes about how he shot Garrick in the face. Ressler and Raymond are both B negative blood types, I’m sure that will be important later. Raymond boasts about reading Proust, Ressler bleeds a lot and I’m sure a lot of Raymond/Ressler fanfic will come from this episode. Raymond seems to have regrets, Garrick makes threats, Harold stands firm and Garrick proves his threats weren’t idle. Blood sprays and there is a cliffhanger. This was excellent, where does the show go from here?

Best Lines:
“Bloodless, countryless killers.”

“He means to take me.”

“It will end with your screams.”

“Kill anything that isn’t FBI.”

“This is going to be hugely unpleasant.”

“I broke his neck with a shower caddy.”

“We become who we are.”

“All his does is extract people from places that don’t exist.”

“How long do you think you can hold out here before half of Quantico’s graduating class rappels down on top of you?”

Bad things happen to a woman who was involved in a lab accident. Coulson babies Skye. Why? Skye is a nasty, evil waste and nobody wants her on this show. TPTB try for the lethal lovers angle with Ward and May, it doesn’t work. Fitz and Simmons bore. The particle accelerator accident has caused something bad to happen. This episode induced intense anger due to the stalking is love theme, the tired plot, unwanted May back-story and the fact this was plain awful. That old ‘Carrie’ knockoff movie ‘The Spell’ was better than this. I’m on the verge of dropping this show unless TPTB either get rid of Skye or make her stop running her mouth.

Best Lines:
“I read.”

“A non-corporeal madman is hunting her.”

“Shut her in a nightmare box.”

“Who was screaming?”

“Something bad is out here.”

“May used to be different.”

“Only God can forgive you.”
“And he won’t.”

Rachel annoys. Nikita and Michael are smug. Sean annoys. Danforth dies off-screen and Division are idiots. Amanda won’t go away and brainwashes Owen causing him to revert to his pre-Division shameful secret self Sam. Sadly Sam is an even bigger tool than Owen. Alex’s rebellion is out of control, Nikita looks like she’s gonna cry and wears the utterly work inappropriate attire of a split skirt and a blouse unbuttoned to halfway down her bony clavicle. Personal missions, brainwashing and the growing Division mutiny lead to bad things. Alex and her Kim Wilde hair is allowed no agency. Amanda’s ludicrous brainwashing machine that goes up people’s noses features again. Nikita and Amanda talk at each other. Sam (aka Owen) and Sean are prince charmless. Ryan is comatose and he’s really showing his range. Sam beats up Michael and his evil hand. Michael just had that evil hand stitched on and somehow gets into a brawl with Sam. Sean is somehow left in charge of Division. Birkhoff gets a slap, Rachel annoys some more and this was okay. Ludicrous but okay.

Best Lines:
“She won’t break.”

“Every secret leads to ten more.”

“Amanda was wrong when she said I killed all my friends. One got away. Not anymore.”

“I’m talking to the bitch who’s tapping this phone.”

“Owen’s a tool.”

“A troubled, violent killer with low self-esteem.”

“And you’re stupid.”

“That was unnecessary.”

“I’d a thought.”
“That’s a new one.”

“Charming as ever.”

“Did someone fix you?”

“It’ll be their blood.”

“We’re taking charge.”

“There’s been a coup in Division.”

“So it begins.”

“Those who are against us, they’ll be shot on sight.”
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