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Legacy + Dracula 1x05 Reviewed

Legacy (2013)
This BBC2 one off drama set in the 1970s sees trainee spy Charles Thoroughgood asked to reconnect with his old Oxford friend Viktor Koslov (Andrew Scott of ‘The Town’ and ‘Sherlock’) who is now with the Russian embassy in London. Charles’ face never changes expression, Viktor’s cod-Russian accent is laughable, Charles’ daddy was a Russian spy and there is a cache buried on a golf course. Apart from the pay phones, endless smoking and ugly interior design you wouldn’t know it was the 1970s.

Viktor has loo brush hair, a sex worker is disposable, Charles attempts to turn Viktor are ham fisted and lead to trouble. There is jittery camera work, an annoying soundtrack and Charles pants over his boss Hugo’s wife.  Viktor is perpetually miserable. Charles is a yodelling foetus. And the climax involves weird goings on in a seaside resort and the duo metal detecting at night in a forest. Viktor and Charles prevent an attack or something. Then there is a twist but nope it was lie. The awful Charles goes on trying to bully Hugo’s wife into sleeping with him, Viktor is ever miserable and this was dull.

Best Lines:
“Paranoia distorts perception.”

“The finger will always point at me.”

“He’s en-route to a labour camp as we speak.”

The Devil’s Waltz
Mina has sex dreams about Grayson. An annoying woman interrogates Renfield. Harker is a twit and a jackass. Van Helsing is a jerk. Mina and Harker’s engagement party does not go as planned. Flashbacks to 12 years ago give Renfield’s back-story and show how he and Dracula met on a train. Renfield was in peril so Dracula threw a man through a train window and walked around with a severed head. The Order of the Dragon thinks about recruiting Harker. Lucy has a good cry. Grayson rescues Renfield and rips people apart, but they’re bad people. The Order of the dragon suspect Grayson is a vampire. About time. This was cruddy.

Best Lines:
“There will be repercussions.”

“He will die before he says a word against me.”
“Very well, problem solved.”

“Professor if you ever valued that arm, take it off mine. Immediately.”

“Who does Alexander Grayson love?”

“The very large one who makes all the turgid announcements.”
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