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Book Review: My Enemy, My Ally

Star Trek: The Original Series: My Enemy, My Ally by Diane Duane

Along with 'The Romulan Way', this well known Trek novel redefined the Romulans in the Trek book series. Duane's concept of their names, language, culture and their names for their sun and the neutral zone are used in Trek novels today.

Ael is the Romulan commander of the warship Bloodwing. She is loyal to the Empire but when those who lead the Empire plan to experiment on captive Vulcans to give Romulans their telepathic abilities, Ael cannot let that happen. She views such actions as dishonourable as well as morally wrong. She vows to put an end to it for the honour of the Empire and for that, she needs the help of James Kirk and the Enterprise.

Together the Enterprise crew and the Bloodwing crew must stop the research. There is hesitant trust and friendship and then schemes, sabotage and battle. This is a good novel that gave the Romulans character, history and culture. This one of Trek's must read novel whose influence is still felt 20 years after its publication.
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