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Movie Review: Phantom

Phantom (2012)
This ‘The Hunt for Red October’ knockoff is worthy but slightly dull. During the Cold War, a soviet submarine Captain and his many demons (Ed Harris) heads off on a mission on a rust bucket diesel sub. Along for the ride are his loyal First Officer (William Fitchtner of ‘Prison Break) and a greasy KGB agent (David Duchovny). What follows is allegedly inspired by actual events.

The Captain and his sob story back-story broods. The KGB agent is a radical true believer who has a plan and sparks a mutiny. The Captain and First Officer object to the coarsening of culture aboard their boat and strike back. This was okay if dull, but the ending is bizarre. Lance Henriksen and Dagmara Dominczyk have small roles.

Best Lines:
Trying to start the only kind of nuclear war we can win. One we’re not in.”

“What makes you think they’d use it?”
“We would.”

“The irony is a bit excessive.”

“The navy’s an unforgiving place.”

“We’re in her acoustic shadow.”

“I have a bullet for every man on this ship!”

“There are only two reasons why a boat would go rogue. One is to defect and the other is to start a war. And I don’t think we’re defecting.”
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