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Book Review: Heart Shaped Box

Heart Shaped Box by Joe Hill
From the author of ‘Horns’ comes this disappointing substandard ghost story. Aging death metal rock god Judas Coyne buys a ghost on the internet (as aging death metal rock gods do) for his collection of the macabre. It is a bad decision as a malevolent spectre takes up residence in his house. As Coyne tries to rid himself of the ghost, a tale of abuse and magic is revealed. This disappointed, Joe Hill isn’t as good a writer as his famous father Stevie King.

Best Lines:
“Place is crawling with toothless, possum-eating trailer-trash full of weird ideas. You can wear a crown of thorns to your job at the Krispy Kreme and no one will bat an eye.”

“I hope all the pot you smoked in the seventies was worth it.”

“It was like living next to a coffin-maker after a plague.”
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