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Arrow 2x07 + Revolution 2x06 Reviewed

State V Queen
The rubbish Count escaped during the Undertaking and he’s back to annoy. Thea has no concept of court appropriate attire. Laurel and her ugly chin implant annoys. Moira’s trial takes place in one day. The DA grandstands. The Count drugs people with Vertigo and overacts, badly. The STAR labs particle accelerator continues to be foreshadowed. Laurel is a terrible lawyer. Walter is nowhere to be seen. Oliver still slobbers over Laurel, oh for the love of God. Moira had an affair with Malcolm Merlyn; gee he was really torn up over his wife’s murder wasn’t he?

Moira is acquitted. Brother Blood plans something vague. Oliver kills again; he really honoured Tommy’s memory there. In the final scene, someone turns out to be not dead after all.  In flashback Slade looks like charbroiled chicken. He and Shado menace Ivo. Sara, Oliver, Slade and Shado plan to look for a WW2 submarine. This was not a good episode, why does no one mention Tommy?

Best Lines:
“Your remorse comes too late.”

“Don’t make me use this.”

“He was my husband’s best friend until Malcolm killed him.”

“Malcolm was a dangerous man.”
“To other people.”

“Quiet please, I’m threatening.”

“You survived your own stupidity, congratulations.”

“The verdict doesn’t make sense.”

“Did you kill your first husband?”

“You’re going to have to try harder.”

“There are parts of the world where death is an illusion. I’ve been to one. I learned to be very convincing.”

Dead Man Walking
I haven’t watched any of the previous episodes of season 2, so here’s what I think is going on. Patriots (aka the former US government in exile) have invaded, Texas rangers lurk (not one of them is Chuck Norris), Rachel is still a smug frozen faced idiot and her father (Stephen Collins) has shown up. Monroe has killed a Texas Ranger (Jim Beaver of ‘Supernatural’ and ‘Harper’s Island) which is no great loss as Beaver is an awful actor. Various evil patriots played by Steven Culp and Zeljko Ivanek lurk.

Charlie and her awful mother hang out wearing too much bronzer and sporting beach hair. Monroe and Miles carry on their bizarre relationship. Meanwhile Neville sold his son out to a Patriot reprogramming camp for a dose of violent behavioural conditioning and hallucinogenic drug dosing. Now Neville has changed his mind and wants his son back for only he gets to abuse his son. But Jason has been brainwashed into a Patriot special ops killing machine with eyes that are completely dead. He still wears a very tight shirt and looks like an underwear model though. He beats up and nearly kills his awful father.

The Patriots arrest Monroe and plan to execute him. Rachel smirks and smugs. Various people who look like owls stare. Miles gets away with his crimes because well, he just does. Weirdbeard Aaron bores. Flashbacks show how Monroe was a nice fluffy chap until he lost yet another bastard child and went to the bad as the staccato Miles was awful.

The Jason plot is more interesting than the Miles/Monroe plot. Monroe mutters, Rachel is awful and Monroe is executed. Neville and his brainwashed son exchange insults and Neville vows to get his son back. Well Neville, you shouldn’t have thrown him away in the first place. Charlie and her uncle Miles continue to have weird ‘Flowers in the Attic’ vibes. Rachel digs up Monroe‘s grave. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“I dug a hole back there, grab his legs.”

“Like Hitler Youth on meth...what kind of crazy ass game are you people running?”

“Wait, since when is there press?”

“Any casualties?”
“You mean any survivors?”

“I’m going to rip your lungs out.”

“She was banging Colonel Reed like a bass drum.”

“He’s not your son, not anymore.”

“Truth ain’t my business.”
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