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Movie Review: Devil

Devil (2010)
This was the first film in ‘The Night Chronicles’, they never made anymore which isn't a shock. After a suicide at a permanently overcast building five people get stuck in a lift. It seems that to be noticed by the devil is very damaging. A cop in AA hangs around and the security guards (among them Matt Craven) amuse themselves by watching the goings on in the lift on CCTV.

This wasn’t gritty drama and was about as interesting as graffiti on a toilet door. A security guard starts yelling about the devil and toast. This film induces Brechtian despair. The five people in the lift are petty, vindictive, sleazebags who get into ugly, nasty brawls. This film is disastrously incomprehensible that is as tired as the ‘Monty Python’ reunion. Everyone in the lift has a silly attitude, spits jibes and indulges in silly feuds and histrionics. The people trying to ‘help’ might as yell run around yelling “I’m mad, me” for all the characterization they get. This film is beset by the fact it is crap and it isn’t scary at all and the twist is dumb. Logan Marshall-Green of ‘Traveler’ and ‘Prometheus’ plays one of the not notoriously evil idiots stuck in the lift.

Best Lines:
“It feels like something bit me!”

“Sit your creepy ass down.”

“Get to your point.”

“I don’t know you!”

“Whoever did it is sorry. You can tell by the heartfelt apology on the back of a carwash coupon.”

“There’s a reason we’re the audience.”

“They made the choices that brought them here.”

“I just want you to know that I know.”

“You’re not good.”
“I know.”
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