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Lost Season 5 Ep 5 Review

This Place is Death

Sun pulls a gun on Ben. Meanwhile in 1988 Jin staggers around the island with Danielle and witnesses the monster attacking her team at the temple. Danielle and co don't run into either the Dharma Initiative or the Hostiles for some reason. Meanwhile Locke moves the wheel and Charlotte dies.

This was a good episode though the sight of Locke's mangled leg was gross. What is the temple? Why does it have hieroglyphics on it? Why does the smoke monster guard the temple? Charlotte grew up in the Dharma Initiative? Who is her father? Why was Ben not supposed to move the island? Where did John go? Eloise Hawking is Daniel's mother? Who built the well? How did Charlotte know about the well? Where is Richard? What is Ben up to? Won't people notice if the Oceanic 6 vanish?

Best Line:
"This island is bad!"
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