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‘Moonfleet’ promo

I am reading ‘HeartShaped Box’.

I am going to give ‘Banshee’ a try; it’s the town where secrets come to die.

I hope to finally review ‘GCB’ 1x08.

Vinnie Jones has cancer. Shame.

There is a Kickstarter camping to bring back Morph? No, enough stop.

A sequel to ‘Bad Santa’? No.

On an episode of ‘Glee’, Finn said “I’m dead.” That is creepy in retrospect.

‘HeartShaped Box’ Quote:
“The cop said the video was diseased. He said it with some enthusiasm.”

‘The Simpsons’ Quotes:
“On your way out, if you want to kill somebody it would help me a lot.”

“Blow you little disappointments!”

“You should be out in the fresh air kicking dogs. I’m going to buy this publishing company and burn it to the ground.”

“It’s impossible to find one who doesn’t hate you.”

“I shall be FruitBatman!”

“No-one could have touched those eggs but me and the seagulls that laid them.”

“Gravy is dead animal juice.”

“For some reason, chicks did Brando. Sweaty clothes and mumbling.”

“I’ve seen cafeteria ketchup move faster.”

“This is not putting me in the mood.”
“Anger’s a mood.”

‘Body of Proof’ Quotes:
“This case is poison.”

“My condolences to your mother’s career.”

“That’s really classy.”

“Past tense, ouch.”

“It’s that baby killing skank!”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“We’re going to return you to your authenticity.”

“My stepdad wouldn’t let me in the tunnel.”

“Most of my life I assumed you were dead.”

“You don’t need to hide in a hole.”
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