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The Day of the Doctor +Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D 1x08 +The Blacklist 1x08 +Nikita 3x16 Reviewed

The Day of the Doctor (2013)
The 50th anniversary special kicks off with old style credits as the 11th Doctor looks into weird events in the National Gallery, the 10th Doctor romances Elizabeth I and the other Doctor (John Hurt) is revealed as the Doctor who fought in the Time War and he plans to burn his people and the Daleks to end the war.

The other Doctor has a galaxy eating weapon called The Moment and it is sentient and standing in judgment of him as it assumes the form of Rose (Billie Piper and her duck lips). Events cause 10, 11 and the other Doctor to meet up. Does the Doctor have any other repudiated selves? Wasn’t the Time War timelocked? How can all three Doctors just stroll around Arcadia? Why is the continuity so messed up? Why does the Moment box look like the box from the ‘Hellrasier’ movies? Where is Rassilon? Weren't 11 and Clara trapped at the end of 'The Name of the Doctor'?

The Doctors all mock each others foibles and don’t treat the other Doctor with the appropriate dread. In the previous episode it was established that 11 won’t reconcile under any circumstances with the other Doctor. Except now he does. 10 marries Liz I who talks and acts like a Smithfield harlot. 10 and 11 have a sonic screwdriver off. There is a reference to ‘The Three Doctors’, zygons run around, Jack Harkness is mentioned, UNIT annoy, Clara sees a wall covered in photographs of companions past and present and the Doctors power walk.

This drama and pathos free adventure ends with an ass pull ending. Still it had a creepy brief image of 13 and his piercing stare, a cameo and a great last image. Still this was mediocre with too much comedy and John Hurt’s Doctor didn’t live up to the terrifying stories of the War Doctor.

Best Lines:
“What’s our cover story for this?”
“Um, Derren Brown.”

“Arcadia has fallen.”

“Exterminate! Exterminate!”

“They’re not forbidden anymore.”

“There will be consequences for you.”


“I’m not judging you.”

“Am I having a mid life crisis?”

“What are the round things?”
“No idea.”

“The warrior. The hero. And you.”

“Three of them. All my worse nightmares at once.”

“Gallifrey stands.”


"No Sir, all thirteen."

“Did I miss a funny thing?”

“The ravens are looking a big sluggish. Tell Malcolm they need new batteries.”

The Well
This alleged follow up to ‘Thor: The Dark World’ is nothing of the sort. The team clean up Greenwich for about two minutes and then head off after a Norwegian Norse Paganist Hate Group who find an Asgardian Berserker staff that turns them into angry methheads or something. Simmons has parent issues, Coulson is repellent, Skye is a predatory opportunist and TPTB seem completely oblivious to the show’s myriad issues.

Ward is as dull as a glass of liquid valium as he recalls childhood trauma, a professor with a secret (Peter MacNicol of ‘Numb3rs’) runs around and Coulson’s gangs are all idiots. Even when Ward gets unruly, defiant and violent he is boring. The movie ‘Berserker: Hell’s Warrior’ was better than this. The gang run around ‘Spain’ and ‘Ireland’. Wire fu is carried out and two team members hook up. But I don’t care about any of these people or what happens to them. This episode and the show in general disappoint.

Best Lines:
“People suck, sir.”

“I have a wonderful explanation.”

“I don’t panic, ever.”

“Stop talking!”

General Ludd
A terrorist group cause a plane to fall out of the sky wiping out a perfectly nice family on the ground. Liz’s dad (William Sadler of ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’ and ‘Roswell’) calls to tell her he is dying. Raymond mocks Ressler and menaces a creepy plastic surgeon (Andrew Dice Clay).

As Liz hunts a chameleon straight up psycho terrorist named Wolff, Raymond pays a visit to Liz’s dad. There is another terrible CGI explosion and Wolff is creepy. Raymond and Liz’s dad have an interesting chat about her. Then Raymond chats to Tom. This was good. Who is Liz’s biological father? How were Raymond and Liz’s dad connected? Is Tom innocent? Who is watching the Keen house?

Best Line:
“The storm has come.”

“I like the money.”

“A true luddite would burn the plane rather than fly in it.”

“They own you.”

Tipping Point
Birkhoff references the dire movie ‘Idle Hands’ and The Shop from Stephen King’s novels. Michael references ‘Mac and Me’. Nikita and Michael are offered a new hand for Michal if they do a favour for some creepy people. Nikita being arrogant and smug accepts. A mutiny is brewing in Division due to Nikita ignoring the obvious dissent.

Nikita and Michael steal a prion device, get a Division agent killed and Nikita fails to see the obvious due to her rampant selfishness. Michael gets the evil hand sewed on; didn’t ‘Angel’ do this already? The mutiny in Division takes a twist and someone gets shot because they’re stupid. This was not good at all, why are TPTB making Nikita so selfish and stupid?

Best Lines:
“It’s Percy all over again.”

“What? Are you scared of it?”

“In six months we could be fighting off zombie hordes.”

“Something horrible and nightmare inducing.”

“We have a bad history with people like you.”

“Did you see this?”
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