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Book Reviews: A Ceremony of Losses + The Jigsaw Woman

Star Trek The Fall: A Ceremony of Losses by David Mack
This is the 3rd in ‘The Fall’ saga; I have yet to read the 2nd ‘The Crimson Shadow’. The Andorian fertility crisis is sending their species toward extinction. Events have reached a tipping point and ch’Thane sends a desperate plea to Julian Bashir for aid. Events have changed ch’Thane from a selfish idiot (all four ‘Mission Gamma’ books) into a desperate hero.

With the assistance of Section 31, Bashir risks everything to find a cure. Meanwhile the Andorian leaders, the interim Federation president and the Typhon Pact scheme to twist the crisis to their agenda at any price. Determined to do the right thing Bashir makes a choice that will have massive repercussions for himself and those who assist him. This was very good, this biomedical thriller raises the stakes in ‘The Fall’ saga, one can only wonder just what the long-term fallout will be.

Best Lines:
“Nothing made the capital feel so dangerous to Shar as knowing he had no friends left in it.”

“Am I really being lectured on social justice by a Tholian?”

“The Federation Council might want to pin medals on us - right up until the moment they find out how we did it. That’s when they’ll turn on us. That’s when it’ll get ugly.”

The Jigsaw Woman by Kim Antieau
This 1997 novel is a retelling of ‘Bride of Frankenstein’ that takes in myth, magic and history as Keelie ties to make a life for herself while experiencing various rambling magical realism fantasy. This despite its best efforts is dire.
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