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Retro Review: Blood Ties (2007)

This series was based on the ‘Blood’ books by Tanya Huff. Canadian PI Vicki Nelson meets vampire Henry Fitzroy and they fight crime. Along for the ride is Vicki’s on/off/on boyfriend Michael Celluci (Dylan Neal of 'Arrow'). This series was cancelled due to a low budget, dreadful CGI, Vicki’s wildly inconsistent eye defect, awful writing and the new character Coreen annoyed.

1x07 Heart of Ice

A wendigo eats the homeless. Celluci is approached by an icily evil baddie (Julian Sands of ‘Warlock’). This was low rent but good. I never liked the smug arrogant snot Henry.

1x09 Stone Cold

Written by Tanya Huff. Celluci is menaced by the oddly tragic Medusa. Good.

1x15 5:55

Vicki is caught in a time loop thanks to Pandora’s Box. Celluci dies during one loop and Vicki must save him. Very good.

Best Line:

“He was killed by the bog monster?”

1x16 Bugged

Coreen gets Vicki to look into deaths at a Goth club. Vicki encounters a demonic bug woman. Henry and Celluci have tension. Okay.

1x17 The Devil You Know

Christiana, Henry’s sire, shows up. Okay.

Best Line:

“How can I miss you when you won’t go away?”

1x21 We’ll Meet Again

A teenage boy wants to find his soulmate. He is half of a pair of star crossed lovers who have been reincarnated together over and over again. But this time his love is married to someone else and doesn’t want him. Things get ugly. Vicki realises she’s alienated Henry and Celluci. This was very good.

Best Lines:

“They all ended in property damage, abuse, restraining orders and death.”

“Even true love has its breaking point.”

1x22 Deep Dark

A demon from 1x01&1x02 returns. Vicki is astoundingly selfish. This leads to Celluci getting fired. Vicki chooses Celluci but he doesn’t want her anymore. He storms off. Henry won’t be second choice and he storms off too. Vicki is left all alone and cries as the show ends. This was good. So Celluci’s abusive father is in hell, the demon has just strolled off whilst possessing an innocent, Henry has decided to leave the city in a hissy fit and Vicki is billy no mates. And there will be no resolution on that ever. Unless you read the books, which took things very differently.

Best Line:

“She told me that if I left, she’d eat my soul.”


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