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Book Reviews: Hide + From A Buick 8 + Strange Candy + Resistance

Hide by Lisa Gardner

A decades old mass grave is found. Annabelle Granger who has spent 25 years on the run suspects the mass grave is connected to why she and her family had to flee their home. This is a taut, suspenseful, excellent novel.


From A Buick 8 by Stephen King

Ned Wilcox visits his dead father’s State Trooper barracks. His father’s colleagues tell him about the Buick they have hidden in a shed for nearly 30 years. Except it’s not really a Buick and it’s definitely not from around here. This is an ordinary, everyday tale of other-worldly horror and it is good and creepy.

Best Line:

“If you go in there, you might not come back out.”


Strange Candy by Laurell K. Hamilton

Those Who Seek Forgiveness

The 1st ever ‘Anita Blake’ story about a zombie raising gone awry. This was good and dark.

A Lust of Cupids

A woman runs from cupids. This is funny, ever so slightly sinister and good.

The Edge of the Sea

A woman’s friend is murdered by a merman. Creepy and good.

A Scarcity of Lake Monsters

Lake monsters are studied. Okay.

Selling Houses

A real estate agent in the world of ‘Anita Blake’ has to sell a house after the previous owners were slaughtered by a demon possessed family member. This was very good.

A Token For Celandine

Set in the world of ‘Nightseer’, a healer seeks redemption. Very good.


A woman hides from her enemy. Good.

Here Be Dragons

A woman can enter dreams; she works as a doctor in a prison and uses this gift to help the inmates. She is asked to help a sociopathic young girl with the same ability. This was excellent, creepy and has a nasty twist ending.


Star Trek The Next Generation: Resistance by J.M. Dillard

The Enterprise E returns to duty after the events of ‘Nemesis’. Vulcan counsellor T’Lana calls the crew on their crap. Picard hears the Borg Collective and learns they are planning to annihilate their enemies. Admiral Janeway refuses to believe Picard but somewhere out there a Borg cube and its Queen waits. This was very good, gripping and scary. The relentless Borg are planning their massive attack (as depicted in the ‘Destiny’ trilogy) but nobody knows that yet.

Best Line:

“The Borg Collective is regrouping and they’re here, in the Alpha Quadrant.”

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