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Heroes review: A Clear And Present Danger

Nathan is suddenly EVIL and has Peter, Ando, Mohinder, Hiro and Tracy hauled off. Claire uncovers this and stages a 'rescue'. Sylar who clings to this show like a barnacle is still looking for his daddy. This episode was a mess of whining characters who keep going round in circles, idiot plotting and general dumbness.

I am sick of this show. Peter and Claire whine, Ando and Hiro act like they are learning impaired, Sylar's still around, Matt is now the latest drawer of prophetic paintings because lord forbid this show go a season without some prophetic paintings. Bennet's still around and has learned nothing. Nathan's switch to evil makes no sense unless he has a cunning plan or is possessed by his dead father, or both. This was ridiculous, even season 5 of 'Hercules: The Legendary Journeys' was better than this. At least that show stirred the emotions and made some sort of sense with Herc having everyone he loved taken from him. But this show is making me want to give up on it.
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