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Book Reviews: Once Upon A Time, part 4 + The Seven-Petaled Shield

Once Upon A Time edited by Paula Guran, part 4

Eat Me, Drink Me, Love Me
Girls buy fruits from goblins. This was not good.

Best Line:
“Poor Jeannie, upon whose grave no grass would grow.”

The Mirror Tells All
A modern day tale of ‘Snow White’. This was a good tale of toxic family elements.

Best Lines:
“Isn’t doing a damned thing except standing in her brdroom, in front of a piece of glass on the wall.”

A boy learns how to be a king, dull.

The Seven-Petaled Shield by Deborah J. Ross
This is book one of a bog standard fantasy trilogy. The desert kingdom of Meklavar is conquered by the Gelon Empire. Queen Tsorreh and her son Zevaron flee; they are separated and end up in Gelon facing treachery and persecution. Meanwhile a long dead legendary elemental magic looms in the background. This was glacial paced idiocy populated by morons.

Best Line:
“A wordless elemental power, long slumbering, beyond human comprehension.”
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