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‘Flowers In The Attic’ (2014) trailer
This trailer shows off a creepy house, a mean grandmother (Ellen Burstyn), a money loving mother (Heather Graham) and it looks like weird, fun trash based on the classic novel. The accompanying music (a cover of Sweet Child O’Mine) is excellent.

Best Lines:
“Don’t make your grandmother angry okay?”

“Some people have ordinary childhoods.”

“Safe from harm. Behind closed doors, that were always locked.”

“Some mothers are impossible to love.”

‘Carrie’ (2013) TV spot

‘Parkland’ TV spot

‘A Young Doctor’s Notebook’ series 2 promo

Quality Street My Purple Bar = not as good as the Green Bar.
I like Orange Crèmes.
Christmas Spiced fudge = too sweet.

I am reading ‘King Breaker’.

A review of ‘Devil’ forthcoming.

‘SG1’ Quotes:
“I haven’t showered.”
“None of us have.”
“That is painfully obvious.”

‘Black Swan’ Quotes:
“It’s my turn! My turn! My turn!”
“It’s my turn!”

‘Coronation Street’ Quote:
“I can smell him from here.”
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