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Book Review: Once Upon A Time edited by Paula Guran, part 3

The Road of Needles
By Caitlin R Kiernan. This is a futuristic retelling of ‘Red Riding Hood’. This was okay and the wolf’s motives are not what they seem.

A mother curses her child in this tired tale.

A princess, a raven and an evil witch make up this good story.

A woman longs for a child. Okay.

Castle of Masks
A village makes a yearly sacrifice to the monster in the castle. Justus pretends to be a girl so he can slay the beast. Good.

The Giant In Repose
A man who escaped a fairytale is called back to finish his part. Good.

The Hush Of Feathers, The Clamour Of Wings
A sister saved her seven brothers from a curse. But they weren’t grateful or thankful and she paid a price. Very good.
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