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‘Maleficent’ trailer
Sleeping Beauty sports a fake posh English accent. There is a spindle graveyard. Sleeping Beauty is dumb. There are stupid CGI vines and Maleficent looms. This looks nice.

Best Lines:
“I’m not afraid.”
“Then come out.”
“Then you’ll be afraid.”

‘Dracula’ 1x04 promo

There will be no review of ‘Under The Dome’ 1x11 ‘Speak of the Devil’.

I will review ‘Congo’ (the movie).

Chocolate Soya dessert = guilty pleasure.
Strawberry trifle = nice.
Sea Salt Chocolate = nice.

‘CSI’ Quote:
“Gargled with whiskey.”

‘2 Broke Girls’ Quote:
“On your knees in a bad wig.”

‘SG1’ Quote:
Now rest, we have a lot of work to do.”

‘GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra’ Quotes:
“I gave her purpose.”

“All she’s done. Because of you!”

“The time has come for the cobra to rise up and reveal itself. You will call me COMMANDER!”
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