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Book Reviews: All Our Yesterdays + Touch & Go + Once Upon A Time, part 2

All Our Yesterdays by Cristin Terrill
Em is in a cell imprisoned and abused. She escapes and travels back in time to kill the boy who will destroy the future. Four years in the past Marina is safe, privileged and chronically insecure. The only constant in her life is her love for James, the brilliant boy next door. But there are darker aspects to James than Marina is willing to see. This is a very good thriller about time travel, a dystopian future and ill-fated love. Apparently there will be a sequel.

Best Lines:
“I’ll never be your friend again.”

“He wanted to make things better. Does he really think bombs and checkpoints and mass arrests are better?”

Touch & Go by Lisa Gardner
This sadly is one of Gardner’s lesser efforts like ‘The Perfect Husband’, ‘The Other Daughter’, ‘The Survivors Club’, ‘The Killing Hour’, ‘Alone’, ‘The Neighbour’, ‘Love You More’ and ‘Catch Me’.

The rich and successful Justin and Libby Denbe are abducted from their home along with their teenage daughter. Investigators learn the Denbe’s perfect life was a façade and that there are many motives. As the hunt for the Denbe’s begins, the captive family undergo an ordeal at the hands of their bizarre kidnappers. This was a ludicrous, far fetched tale that defied logic and common sense. The characters were all unbelievable jerks and this was mass-marketable pap.

Best Lines:
“An eighty-year-old woman who swore she ran over her eighty-five-year old husband by accident. All three times.”

“His eyes were too bright, some shade of neon blue I associated with drug addicts or lunatics.”

“That not only could I cook out of cans, but I could clean a toilet with Coke.”

Once Upon A Time edited by Paula Guran, part 2

Below The Sun Beneath
By Tanith Lee. A solider is asked to discover the secret of 12 princesses. Okay.

Best Line:
“You he will curb. Whatever that word means, to him.”

Warrior Dreams
A retired solider is asked to defeat a storm hag. Dull and preachy.

Born & Bread
A bizarre tale of bread and a woman named Doe. Okay.

Best Line:
“The worst toilets any nightmare could dredge up.”

Tales That Fairies Tell
In a ruined world, Puss In Boots is still around. Okay.

Sleeping Beauty Of Elista
A bizarre tale on ‘Sleeping Beauty’. PC rubbish.
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