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Elementary 2x04 Reviewed

Poison Pen
Holmes likes S&M. A man is poisoned. A nanny has a secret past as an accused murderer who Holmes was pen pals with in 1991 when he was 15. Holmes has no accountability and acts cracked out. Holmes whines about his awful father and school bullies. This was annoying as everyone was idiot. Everyone is this episode was pathetic and there were ridiculous twists. Holmes is an awful person and the acting was bad.

Best Lines:
“Your night ends with a dead guy in a gimp suit.”

“Unless your apartment looks just like a sex shop, you were not as you claimed a few minutes ago, home watching TV.”

“She couldn’t have killed her husband because she was to busy planning to kill her husband?”

“You heard what you just said right?”

“My bullies had one tool at their disposal: violence.”

“I’m going to be watching you.”
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