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Book Review: Parasite

Parasite by Mira Grant
This is book one in the intriguing ‘Parasitology’ saga from the author of the uneven ‘The Newsflesh’ trilogy (the sublime ’Feed’, the crap ’Deadline’ and the unreadable ’Blackout’).

This is an excellent creepy novel set in 2027. Medical giant SymboGen created The Intestinal Bodyguard, a genetically modified tapeworm that regulates and controls its host’s health. Humanity is thriving in this brave new world. Sally survived a terrible car accident because of her implant. All she has to cope with is the fact she can’t remember anything before the accident and a strained relationship with her family,

But as a strange sickness grows more and more prevalent, Sally is forced to ask questions she never wanted to. And the implications of the answers are terrifying. The truth about The Intestinal Bodyguard means the world is unwittingly on the brink of an apocalypse. This biomedical horror is a wonderfully disturbing tale. I look forward to book two.

Best Lines:
“We’re talking about genetically engineered tapeworms SymboGen somehow managed to convince the whole world to voluntarily infect themselves with.”

“A critical tipping point has been reached.”

“How fast is this going to spread?”
“Fast enough that we need to be very, very concerned,”

“Some people will always be ungrateful.”

“Some doors are closed because they’re meant to be closed. Do you understand me? Not every door is supposed to be opened, and not every open door is supposed to be used.”

“She’s annoying, she’s whiny, she has the learning curve of lichen.”

“He’s got more to be paranoid about than any other man alive.”
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