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Retro Review: Prison Break (2005 - 2009) Season 3

Another prison! Another break!

3x01 Orientacion
Sona is a hellhole prison with no guards and it is ruled by an inmate named Lechero. Lincoln is told Michael has a week to find an inmate named Whistler in Sona and break him out. Bellick is the lowest of the low in Sona and has to wear a garbage bag and eat rats. Goodish.

3x02 Fire/Water
Michael and Mahone race to find the mysterious Whistler who has a mysterious bird book. Good.

3x04 Good Fences
The Company sawed Dr Sara Tancredi’s head off and gave it to Lincoln in a box. Only they didn’t, Sara would show up alive and well in season 4 with no explanation. Whistler knows all about Fox River and Michael. Mahone takes up heroin and threatens to shank Michael. Good.

3x05 Interference
Lincoln strolls around Panama in shirts unbuttoned to the waist. Sucre is now Sona’s gravedigger. T-Bag annoys. Whistler is probably evil. Good.

3x06 Photo Finish
Mahone is offered a deal to get out of Sona. Whistler may have killed another inmate. Sona has a BBQ as the lawless hellhole aspect is toned down. Whistler’s galpal Sofia bores as does Company henchwoman Gretchen. Good.

3x07 Vamonos
Whistler and Michael’s escape attempt is foiled by a cloud. Lechero’s rule is over. Gretchen is working for Whistler. Good.

Best Lines:
“Kick him in the junk Schofield!”

“There’s nothing to go back to.”

3x10 Dirt Nap
Whistler, Mahone and Michael dig an escape tunnel. Sucre and Lincoln plot. Whistler lies and Mahone gets off the junk. Very good.

3x11 Under and Out.
Mahone tells T-Bag he should be “in the same unmarked grave as the rest of your inbred family.” Michael, Lechero, T-Bag, Bellick, Whistler and Mahone work on the escape tunnel. Lincoln has fallen for Sofia and Veronica is forgotten. Very good.

3x13 The Art Of The Deal
The escape plan worked, sort of. Now Whistler, Gretchen and Mahone head off to do Company business. Lincoln and LJ stay in Panama with Sofia. Sucre ends up in Sona. T-Bag kills Lechero and now rules with Bellick as his sidekick. Whistler is evil and he’s not Australian. This was goodish. Sadly season 4 would render this entire season worthless.
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