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‘The New Shmoo’ (1979) intro
This cartoon starred a shape shifting thing and three idiots who go around ripping off ‘Scooby Doo’. Looks fun though.

Red Shoe Diaries’ opening credits
This ridiculous looking show starred the future Agent Mulder.

‘Central Park West’ opening credits
John Barrowman’s old 90’s show in which he played a JFK Jnr expy alongside a load of no names.

Alan Alda is joining ‘The Blacklist’. Mmm.

So Nightwing will be in ‘Batman vs Superman’.

I like Stinger bars.
I like white chocolate and orange chocolate.
I love Tangy apple juice. Medium apple juice is okay.

Miw = hieroglyph for cat.

I heard of another old UK comic ‘The Hotspur’, where did they all go?

I am reading ‘All Our Yesterdays’.

‘All Our Yesterdays’ Quotes:
“They’re probably afraid I’ll stage a daring escape attempt with the dull plastic utensil, brandishing it at the men with machine guns outside my cell.”

“How bad is it out there?”

“It was hard to imagine that things could get worse. But I guess they did.”

“Time travel isn’t a wonder, it’s an abomination.”

“People weren’t meant to travel in time.”

“Out there somewhere, walking around happy and carefree, with no idea of what’s coming for her.”

‘Girls On Top’ Quotes:
“People like you are the scum of the earth.”

“Now for the bikini line. Uh oh, I found a nest of cuckoos!”

“She says they won’t tell her where they live, I mean understandably.”

“We want it in a brown leather briefcase. And don’t try to be clever, don’t lock it."

“Your persona is non grata here anymore.”

“I know what goes on. I looked in her laundry.”

‘Charmed’ Quote:
“You are some creepy registered sex offender from the future.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quote:
“You don’t deserve to breathe.”
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