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Kings Watch #1 & #2 + The Green Hornet #7 Reviewed

Kings Watch #1
The Phantom, Mandrake and Flash Gordon come together in this adventure saga. It is better than ’Defenders of the Earth’. The trio along with Dale Arden and Lothar look into strange dreams and odd lights in the sky. What or who is behind it? This was good.

Best Lines:
“Silence, demon. You have no knowledge that I want.”

“Africa. That really narrows it down.”
“Perhaps if you had not immolated him for a few more minutes.”

“How many told you to repent on the way in, Arden?”

Kings Watch #2
Flash Gordon flies into the phenomena. There are cameos by Ming and the Hawkmen. The grizzly Phantom runs around the jungle in purple fighting strange beasts that now wander the Earth. Mandrake speaks of a portal and a demon lord. Is the demon lord meant to be Ming? Dale Arden talks about a Quantum Crystal. There is magic and fighting. This was good, I am really enjoying this.

Best Lines:
“The Ghost Who Walks.”
“I sometimes ride a horse too.”

“This seven-foot man with the spear doesn’t look like he’s waving us through.”

The Green Hornet #7
The Hornet gets violent. The baddies are collaborating with Nazis who don’t need collaborators anymore. Reid opens a radio station. Casey is brought in on Reid’s big secret, mostly off-screen. Another man in a mask shows up and Reid predicts the web. This was good.

Best Line:
“Kato and I still argue about that.”
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