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Dracula 1x02 Reviewed

A Whiff Of Sulphur
Dracula is well hard except when he is muttering about Imperial Coolant. Flashbacks to 1881 show how Van Helsing made a deal with Dracula aka Vlad the Impaler. How could a 19th Century Dutchman and a 15th Century Wallachian communicate? How did Van Helsing know where Dracula was? Who put him in the iron box in 1781? Why did the Order Of The Dragon kill Van Helsing’s family?

Grayson and Van Helsing promote geo-magnetic power. Lucy wears more red. The Order Of The Dragon mutter on about huntsmen and seers. Grayson hangs out with people he clearly doesn’t like and hires Jonathan Harker as his PR man and buys him a house. Lady Jane stomps around shouting, Seers smoke opium and Harker can see the flaws in Grayson’s back-story.

Identical evil men with beards mutter. No-one regards Lady Jane as scandalous for being wanton. Harker has suspicions. Mina has a big exam. The seers see Dracula and he sees them. There is a reference to a certain Borgia being a vampire. Lucy does not like Harker. Grayson visits a gay bar to blackmail an Order Of The Dragon member. Mina overhears the goob Harker dealing her a serious slight. Grayson learns Lady Jane is a vampire hunter. This was just dull; Jonathan Harker has no emotional inflection.

Best Lines:
“We must obstruct him at every turn.”

“Nothing adds up.”

“It is possible if he is very, very old.”

“Legions of less broad-minded souls.”
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