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Retro Review: Prison Break (2005 - 2009) Season 2

2x01 Manhunt
The escapees (dubbed the Fox River 8) are on the run and FBI Agent Alexander Mahone (William Fichtner) chases them. Mahone is just as smart as Michael. The dragnet from the cliff-hanger ending of season 1 just vanished. Veronica is dead. This was good. Remember how in season 1, Michael took pills to fake diabetes? Why no side effects?

2x07 Buried
While various members of the Fox River 8 look for DB Cooper’s millions, Mahone has captured Tweener. Mahone reveals a secret and shoots Tweener a lot. This was good.

Best Line:
This is going wrong in every possible way.”

2x09 Unearthed
Michael investigates Mahone and makes a phone call to the unbalanced agent. Okay.

2x10 Rendezvous
Mahone stalks Sara and Michael. Mahone and Michael have their long awaited face-off. Sadly in the final scene TPTB reveal that Mahone is yet another in the endless line of Company stooges. Making Mahone a Company stooge instead of just a pill popping disturbed man was a mistake.

Best Lines:
“He’s not trying to catch me; he’s trying to kill me.”

“You can’t kill and that’s what it is going t take to stop me cos I don't have the same reservations.”

2x11 Disconnect
Bellick has a bad day. Mahone shoots Michael and Linc’s father and acts crazy. It is odd how their long lost daddy never revealed their evil mother was still alive. Good.

2x13 The Killing Box
Bellick is jailed in Fox River. Mahone tries to kill Linc and Michael but is foiled by Kellerman who has decided to switch sides. This was tense and good; nothing in season 3 or 4 would come close to this.

2x14 John Doe
Linc and Michael confront Steadman. You know the man Linc was framed for murdering only he was never dead? Kellerman makes jokes about Linc’s “winning personality” that the Company knew would “win over a jury” as Linc beats him up. Kellerman had a point. Steadman kills himself. So there goes Linc’s chance of exoneration. Mahone is over the edge and still accelerating. Okay.

2x16 Chicago
Mahone’s colleagues may be onto him after he talks Haywire (the guy from ‘Grimm’) into suicide. Okay.

2x17 Bad Blood
Sara and Michael need the help of the former Fox River warden Pope (Stacy Keach). They show up on this doorstep and he reacts badly. This was okay.

Best Line:
“Don’t consider this forgiveness.”

2x18 Wash
It says something about this show that by this point, the most sympathetic character is Mahone. Good.

2x19 Sweet Caroline
Sara recognises Mahone as the unstable junkie he is. Michael confronts President Caroline Reynolds (sister of the late and unlamented Steadman) and demands a pardon. C-Note tells people Mahone is glued. This was good, action packed and plot heavy. Season 3 is foreshadowed.

Best Lines:
“You must feel like you’re walking underwater.”
“I do. It’s very quiet down there.”

“I’ve seen people die too.”
“I’m assuming you didn’t make them die.”

2x20 Panama
Mahone’s FBI career goes down in flames. C-Note gets a happy ending, Sara is arrested, Bellick is vile and Michael and Linc have issues over the whole prison break, mass death issue. Good.

2x22 Sona
Linc is exonerated (for now). Michael and Mahone attempt to destroy each other and end up in the hellhole prison of Sona in Panama with Bellick and T-Bag. This was okay, it is a shame that Sona and the whole Whistler plotline turned out to be non-events.
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