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Book Review: Gale Force

Weather Warden 7: Gale Force by Rachel Caine

Joanne and David are getting married. Yay, Joanne just loves her manipulative boyfriend who dumps her willy-nilly and has sex with her in lieu of a genuine relationship. Anyway the Wardens aren't too pleased about this and a splinter group of the Wardens known as the Sentinels really aren't pleased. The Sentinels are powerful, dangerous and following a leader with a dark agenda. His target is Joanne and his goal is, something nasty.

This was really good as plot threads set up way back in book 1 'Ill Wind' come into play and a big nasty picture becomes clear. The Warden universe undergoes a change and nothing will the same. That's all the good stuff, on the negative side; Joanne is still dating the rancid David. I'm looking forward to Book 8 'Cape Storm'
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