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‘2 Guns’ trailer

I got my ‘Now You See Me’ DVD and found three easter eggs. They’re a bit boring to be honest.

A review of ‘All Our Yesterdays’ forthcoming.

‘Now You See Me’ Quotes:
“Too many French people in one room.”

“I’m really sorry about the whole tranny Tuesday thing.”

‘The Lord of The Rings’ Quote:
“I know his uses and they are few.”

‘The Last Days of Anne Boleyn’ Quotes:
“Anne Bolen got her crown.”

“His wife is not a good woman.”

“A destructive and immoral force.”

“Dangerous tensions at work in the Tudor court.”

“Torrent of lurid allegations.”

‘The Day The Earth Stood Still’ Quotes:
“Can you explain any of this?”

“This is our planet.”
“No, it is not.”

‘Invasion’ (2005-2006) Quote:
“They’re all hybrids - the people, not the cars.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’, Will’s madness is revealed as he holds Dirk, Sienna, Dodger, Patrick, Maxine, Dennis and Martha hostage in Anna‘s mansion. How did he manage that? It isn’t clear. Nobody notices that Sienna is holding Tom hostage in the basement of the same mansion. It is heavily hinted that Patrick molested Sienna. Will screams his hatred of Dodger. Some people just need murdering; sadly Will fails to murder any more people. Dodger does not help matters. Will and Dodger fight on the roof, Will is obviously deranged and hurls himself and Dodger off the roof. Neither dies. Dodger walks it off but Will is paralysed for real this time. Dodger starts acting brotherly way too late and has a good cry. Maxine wears an ugly old man jumper. Will screams as he is shoved into an ambulance, nobody not even Dirk cares. Poor Will, no north of England toughness in him.

Best Lines:
“Will you stop telling me how wonderful Dodger is, just for one moment!”

“You are sick!”

“A bitter, sick, murdering loser.”

“We all loved you.”

“He left me for dead but I weren’t.”
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