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Elementary 2x03 Reviewed

We Are Everyone
A civil contractor leaks secrets in this obvious homage to Edward Snowden. Holmes shouts, Clyde shows up in Watson’s bed, Gregson looks bored and or stoned, there is a murder, Holmes is trolled and this episode had about as much depth as ‘The Hills’. The Edward Snowden expy is a murderous jerk. He kind of sucks and so does this ep. Watson starts writing the Casebook of Sherlock Holmes. As for Holmes? He’s busy being prison penpals with Jamie Moriarty. Groan.

Best Lines:
“No-one sticks their head in the oven anymore.”

“Something other than a fair trial in mind.”

“No Belgian is that bad at backgammon.”

“Philosopher in chief to the intellectually bankrupt.”

“It couldn’t be more dangerous if it was fashioned from liquid Ebola.”
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