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Arrow 2x04 Reviewed

Isabel shows up to sneer as Oliver has to deal with a wannbe ganglord who is brining illegal guns into the Glades. The dull, peanut-faced Laurel is becoming an alcoholic and pillhead. Her father and Oliver try to help her only to be sneered at. Oliver meets the Canary and yanks off her ratty wig and there before him stands Sara Lance. Well a recast Sara, it’s not the same actress from 1x01. And then we get the revelation that Oliver knew all along that Sara survived the sinking of the Queen’s Gambit only for something worse to happen to her and her butt chin. Diggle and Felicity get snotty over this.

Sara doesn’t say where she got her ninja skills, is it the same place the late Malcolm Merlyn got his? Sebastian Blood (It’s Jesus from ‘True Blood’) shows up to annoy and he makes a stately manor joke about the Queen home. Laurel wails some more about her dead boyfriend Tommy, she sure didn’t consider him her boyfriend when she was shagging Oliver.

Sin who looks about 13 shows up to annoy. Lance sobs in AA, poor guy. I think things are only going to get worse. Blood is revealed as an insalubrious cult leader, so is he the season 2 big bad? I guess TPTB could save Ra’s al Ghul for season 3.

Sara knows Slade. What became of him because when he was last seen in 2x03, he was on fire. In flashback, the boat people are obsessed with the mass grave and Oliver has to do DIY first aid to a bullet wound. I guess the doctor who examined him in 1x01 missed the bullet wound. He also meets a Russian, is this connected to his Russian mob membership? This was okay but why didn’t Sara mention her mother? Also Mrs Lance was right in season 1 when she said Sara was still alive. Poor woman. Oliver got off easy by washing up on craphole island; wherever Sara washed up she sure had it worse.

Best Lines:
“You are noticeably unarmed, son.”

“Then the ground shook and now I matter.”

“The detective’s other daughter.”

“Do you have happy stories?”

“See her die yet again.”

“I wish people had not cut me slack.”

“I met some rough people.”

“He spent the last six years cursing your name.”

“You know you’re dating a moron?”

“Your days of screaming are just beginning.”
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