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Battlestar Galactica Season 4 Ep review: Blood on the Scales

Adama glares at everyone as Gaeta's mutiny unravels around him. Roslin and her bad wig rants at everyone. Zarek has the useless government shot, Cally gets bashed more. Anders is shot. Romo is brought back for no good reason and then gets to show off by stabbing two people with a pen. Baltar grows a conscience. Tyrol rips the FTL apart with his bare hands and then Gaeta has a final chat with Baltar. Adama keeps his word about no forgiveness as Zarek and Gaeta are tied to chairs and shot by firing squad.

This was very good. Who would have thought while watching the original miniseries that Gaeta's plot arc would end like this? He and Zarek seemed to have no regrets. But what about the rest of the mutineers? What about the fact that Gaeta had a point for all of Adama and Roslin's attempts to shout him down?

Best Lines:
"This is a coup, that you began."

"The truth is told by whoever's left standing."
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