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‘The Quiet Ones’ trailer
In 1974, a professor (Jared Harris) and his students try to prove a supernatural theory in this 2014 Hammer movie. It looks good, I’ll be there.

Best Lines:
“Something’s wrong.”

“There’s something there with you.”

‘One Chance’ trailer
This is a biopic of Paul Potts. Hee.

I like mint Viscount biscuits. But didn’t there used to be orange ones too?
Strawberries and Granola are nice.
Milka & Daim bar = uum.

I have put the really disappointing ‘The Ceremonies’ to the side for the moment and am reading ‘Parasite’

‘Star Trek V’ really is the red headed stepchild of the Trek franchise. It has Kirk falling off a cliff, David Warner being wasted, Uhura flirting with Scotty, McCoy’s accent being way more Southern and Kirk in a plaid shirt more or less predicting his own death in ‘Star Trek: Generations‘. Still it had Kirk, McCoy and Spock having a camp out and the cute Romulan Caithlin Dar who sadly couldn’t act to save her life thus wasting a potentially interesting character.

Best Lines:
“I expect that’s Klingon for hello.”

“I think this ship was put together by monkeys...half the doors won’t open.”

“I’ve always known I’ll die alone.”

Where do expired webpages go? The ones so defunct that even the wayback machine can’t find them?

‘Thor: The Dark World’ Quotes:
“I’ve got this completely under control.”
“Is that why everything’s on fire?”

‘The Shining’ (book) Quote:
That place has got a bad reputation around here."

‘Parasite’ Quotes:
“Breathing was nice.”

“The girl who lived because her genetically engineered tapeworm refused to let her die.”

“Stalker behavior would have me hiding in the supply closet.”

‘Strike Back: Shadow Warfare’ Quotes:
You could run.”
“Where to?”
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